Cocoa skincare, the brand that looks after your skin

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Cocoa skincare is a new beauty brand that has captured the attention of Kudos. It is a carefully tailored organic product and ingredients are ethically sourced. There is also a charming tale behind this brand which makes it even more appealing.

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Cocoa skincare was launched during the COVID pandemic and the CEO was determined to realise her dream despite the usual obstacles you encounter when setting up a business; as well as dealing with the unpredictable nature of the pandemic.

The CEO shared her heartfelt story of her troubled teenage years where she was overly conscious about her blemished skin and acne outbreaks. She yearned to develop a skin care product that would make her feel confident and provide her with healthy skin. She recalls scouring retail shops for remedies and beauty brands; however, she found that her skin health did not improve. It was after this that she started to experiment with a range of ingredients in the hope that she would develop the perfect product that improved her skin health and was cost effective.


Whilst, the CEO’s early experiences were difficult; she shrugged off her negative experiences and developed passion, drive and determination. She eventually trained as a biochemist then specialised in developing her own innovative skin care products. It is through her training and passion that Cocoa skincare was born. What is even more inspiring about this brand, is that the CEO wanted to ensure that her products were ethically sourced, so she developed fair trade links with a women’s corporation in Ghana.

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Kudos Magazine is excited about Cocoa skincare because it is re-defining beauty and placing healthy skin at the heart of its products.

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