Dr Merritt’s skin company, the brand that naturally transforms your skin

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Maintaining healthy skin has become a widespread concern for men and women; more individuals are seeking natural products that look after their skin. As we move towards the New Year; our thoughts will shift towards making resolutions or simply visualizing a better future. Feeling comfortable in our own skin is such a powerful feeling. The founder of ‘Dr Merritt’s skin company’, Dr Dube shares her journey to launching her skin care brand and a road towards financial freedom.

Dr Merritt a woman holding a box of serum

Dr Dube is a scientist and founder of Dr Merritt Skin Company. Despite the obstacles that she faced in 2020; she managed to complete her PhD in Molecular Biology and launched her luxury skin care brand. Launching ‘Dr Merritt’s Skin Company’ in September 2020 was one of her proudest moments. The skin care brand combines both her passion for natural beauty and her expertise in science. Her expertise in this field means that clients can benefit from a visible appearance of healthy skin but more importantly, the ingredients used in her products can be trusted.

Her best seller is the Dr Merritt Daily Moisturizing Serum, which has been highly revered by skin care enthusiasts.

The serum leaves the skin more supple and nutritiously enriched because it is packed with essential oils that penetrate the skin to activate regenerative properties. When coupled with the use of the Dr Merritt’s jade roller, the skin is left visibly improved and has a healthy and youthful appearance. Further to this, Dr Merritt’s skin company is launching a natural oil product in January 2021; which will be an exciting brand, once it arrives.

Dr Merrit serum placed on the ground

Starting this business venture came with its own challenges; as Dr Dube was researching, planning and designing the brand whilst completing her PhD in Northern Ireland. She was keen to pursue her business venture, at the same time, she had to meet deadlines for her PHD. In addition, to dealing with her studies and the pandemic, she also had to manage the transition into managing her business in a virtual setting, especially when it came to branding, formulating and even launching the brand physically, which all came with its challenges. Dr Dube is a hardworking and determined individual and nothing deterred her from her dreams. She successfully completed her PhD and launched ‘Dr Merritt Skin Company’ in September 2020. Since then, she continues to work as a full-time Scientist and manages the sales and production of her skin care line which has gained attention as far as Australia.

A woman holding the facial serum Dr Merrit

Managing a start-up business is not easy, but Dr Dube has succeeded through collaborative work; being organized; disciplined and working towards set goals. Her story is a true testament that, ‘ anything is possible’ and ‘you have to work towards your dreams’.

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