Foundation Powders

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When it comes to selecting the best foundation powders to use, there is always a sense of dread that looms over you. We often ponder whether the foundation powder suits my skin tone? Will it show more of my blemishes? With the rise of new formulas and lightweight makeup finishes, powdered foundations are redefining how we use makeup. Regardless of your skin tone; Kudos' beauty enthusiast explore the latest in foundation powders

There are a plethora of foundation powders to choose from. We have managed to narrow down 8 of our favourites. These eight items are great for when you're on the go and need a quick touch-up or for a special occasion. Let's begin!

SuperStay Full Coverage Powder Foundation, by Maybelline

Superdrug: £7.99

SuperStay Full Coverage Powder Foundation

Powder foundations are perfect if you have oily skin, sensitive or acne-prone skin as its formula encapsulates the perfect ingredients to give your skin a breathable, mattifying, and buildable touch without clogging pores. If you're the sort of individual who needs a quick touch up during the day (or morning) to look refreshing or just looking for a way to make your makeup routine all the more interesting, then look no further. With the SuperStay Powder Foundation, it promises to pack a punch and give your skin a breath of fresh air.

The best part about this powder foundation is that you barely feel it on your skin. With a flick and swish across your face, this gem not only gives you a natural look but lets your skin breathe. How many times have we clogged our skin up with makeup before? SuperStay does not follow the other powder foundations.

Matte Velvet Skin Compact - Blurring Powder Foundation, by Make Up For Ever

Guru Makeup Emporium: £32.00

Matte Velvet Skin Compact Blurring Powder Foundation

If you are looking for a quick touch during the day or long for low maintenance, a quick swirl to get ready, then the Matte Velvet Powder Foundation is your hero.

Available in different shades of colour, this incredible durable powder is not only water-resistant but can last up to 24 hours too! Complemented with a sponge all housed in a sleek black mirrored compact, it never leaves a chalky-like texture on your skin.

Accomplice Instant Blurring Beauty Powder, by Marc Jacobs Beauty

Harvey Nichols: £38.00

Marc Jacobs - Accomplice Instant Blurring Beauty Powder

Try Marc Jacobs’ Blurring Powder? The perfect edition to add to your makeup set for quick touch-ups that look effortless. Much like any other powdered foundation, just lightly glide your makeup brush onto the powder to give your skin a dewy over glow. The major advantage of using Jacob's foundation is that it consists of small pearl pigments. They work by diffusing light and removing any sign of imperfection on your skin.

It's a perfect set to use on gloomy days, and can also be incorporated into your morning makeup routine without leaving your skin looking cakey.

Lock-It Powder Foundation, by KVD

Boots: £22.40

Lock it foundation powder KVD

Deemed as the queen of powdered foundation, Kat Von D provides full coverage by providing everlasting blur usability. Made with rice powder extract to help blur imperfections on your skin, while another ingredient of clay, called Kaolin, acts as a supporting element to give a diffused matte finish without feeling dry.

Containing approximately 26 different shades, it is made to suit all skin tones and undertones. Spice up your nightlife with this powder.

Diamond Complexion Powder Foundation, by Winky Lux

Debenhams: £22.00

Diamond Complexion Powder Foundation by Winky Lux

In contrast to the other powder foundations, this lightweight foundation powder contains crushed diamonds for the ultimate coverage and glow. Special diamond technology helps your skin while eliminating any imperfections, leaving a soft-dewy glow and an effortless finish, making your face the focal point of attention.

BlemishRescue Skin Clearing Loose Powder Foundation, by bareMinerals

LookFantastic: £29.00

BlemishRescue Skin Clearing Loose Powder Foundation by bareMinerals

Similar to the KVD powder foundation, bareMinerals takes makeup to a whole new level. Introducing you to the bareMinerals powder foundation, gently pat onto your skin to clear up blemishes. Made with high-quality ingredients such as Salicylic Acid and other hydrating ingredients, this foundation guarantees results. This is a one-of-a-kind loose powder foundation that cannot be missed, why not add it to your makeup bag today!

Everlasting compact powder foundation, by Clarins

Debenhams: £32.00

Everlasting compact powder foundation by Clarins

Providing a 15-hour matte result, whilst simultaneously nourishing your skin, this all-new Everlasting Compact Foundation Powder has all the right ingredients to keep your skin looking vibrant all day.

Made using ultra fragmented pigment and Bamboo Powder (you heard that right), this lightweight formula has the capabilities of absorbing excess oil, leaving an even coverage without a mask effect, because we all want to avoid having a cakey face.

Photo Filter Powder Foundation, by Smashbox

LookFantastic: £22.12

Photo Filter Powder Foundation by Smashbox

Last but not least is the long-wearing powder foundation, by Smashbox. The best thing about it is the fact that it can last up to 8 hours without oxidising, caking, and settling into fine lines or drying areas on your skin. Gently brush a generous amount on your skin to give off radiant skin. It also doubles as a setting powder for liquid foundation and concealer when properly used with a brush.

The best part about it is its oil-free properties! Worry no more.