Musztyfaga Sep 1980

A man wading through the sea and holding his hair

Musztyfaga is a luxury brand based in London. His desire is to create a timeless collection where his inspiration derives from the uncertainty that life presents and the overwhelming feeling one develops with managing change. His collection is designed with strength, flair, strong lines and sheer finesse.

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Musztyfaga has undergone moments in his life where he simply felt alone and at a standstill. Fashion breathed life into him and it is through his life experiences that he has evolved, as a phoenix. His designs symbolise new birth and hope. His distinct designs provide magic, inspiration, beauty and hope.

Musztyfaga relishes the design process where everything is possible and all limitations fade away. Creating new designs for him is like giving birth, to new concepts that connect with his audience.

The brand is embedded with ‘Sep1980’, this date is symbolic and integral to the brand and it is the year Musztyfaga was born. His brand is an expression of joy, passion, excitement, love, beauty and luxury. His brand is sophisticated, dominant, vulnerable and so much more.

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Mus close up blue belt feature

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