Omar Bayoumi is an innovative fashion designer trailblazing London

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Omar Bayoumi is a start-up, high-end, genderless label. He is a graduate and cutting-edge designer. Omar Bayoumi promotes a fluid, natural and authentic brand with seamless lines and a message of acceptance.

Omar Bayoumi Woman wearing coat and man wearing skirt and top

The story behind the brand begins with the designer's curiosity of his ancestral roots where his paternal side derives from Egypt. Thus, the inspiration behind the visual concept is a mixture of his ancestral roots which are steeped in architecture, antiquity and geometry. The motif is a perfect triangle that represents the base trinities of human essence: mind, body and spirit; past, present and future; creation, preservation and destruction.

Omar Bayoumi is an innovative fashion designer, trailblazing London....

The term 'fusion' helps to encapsulate the brand's concept. Bayoumi transcend beyond social norms of gender and modern society by creating innovative garments and experiences that highlight the importance of inclusivity.

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Omar Bayoumi is raising awareness of an underdeveloped category by building a new well-established fashion house. The business will manufacture and retail luxury genderless garments (unisex apparel), having future plans to expand into footwear and accessories.

'Buy less, buy better' is the approach Omar Bayoumi will use to address the fashion market. With multiple layers, doubled elements, geometrical structures, and a nature-inspired colour palette. This will be indicated from the carefully sourced fabrics and highest quality finishing to packaging and deliveries.

Omar Bayoumi a man standing on a hill wearing trousers

One of the core values is sustainability. Hence why the label is exclusively using natural fabrics (organic cotton, linen, silk, cashmere and more) and is against using materials that are likely to be harmful to the environment.

Omar Bayoumi Man running wearing flared trousers

Bayoumi's first collection is 'androgynous.' Through its definition and association of indeterminate sex and futurism. The initial range will be: tops, shirts, trousers, outerwear and small goods (such as face masks and fabric bags). We are focusing on the importance of sustainability once more, all garments are produced entirely from 100% natural fibres and the packaging of the products is made exclusively out of recycled materials or paper.

Omar Bayoumi man standing on hill in trousers

While minimalism and luxury lay in the core of the brand; inclusivity and ageless are key terms that define the target market. The designer aims to create a label that is made for everyone. In other words, Omar Bayoumi creates for humans, without seeing age, sex or race. Consequently, the designer supports the statement that we are all souls, living in bodies that we were blessed to have. Omar Bayoumi creates clothes for 'all' souls.

Omar Bayoumi a woman wearing a coat