Omar's 'Gender of nature' capsule shoot is sparking a flame on the fashion scene

Omar a woman leaning backwards


Aspects of Omar Bayoumi's Spring & Summer collection is made out of leftover fabrics which are 100% natural and upcycled. His collection is raising awareness around the impact of fast fashion and the impact it is having on the environment, so it gives homage to sustainable clothing.

Omar a woman leaning bcak with her hands on her hip

Omar's collection has strong elements that encapsulates the fluidity of air and the sensation of fire. His recent photo shoot was captured by the photographer Mia Franzosi who created a dramatic depiction of his garments through her carefully framed, artistic shots; which also shared the beautiful lines of Bayoumi's garments.

Omar a woman leaning forward with frilly dress

Bayoumi's inspiration derives from his research around Egypt's architecture and history. He describes part of his collection as 'II AIR', which depicts the mind. It is the fluid lines that remind us of the freedom we have to think and to live.

In addition to this, we have 'III FIRE', this collection captures the 'chaotic' spirit.

It is this spirit of chaos that affects the unusual movement of the garment and generates fierce energy that resonates through the Seth dress. We look forward to the next element in Omar Bayoumi's collection.

Omar a woman sitting in a triangle of fire black dress

Omar A woman swishing fire wearing a black dress

Omar a woman steeping down and leaning backwards

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