Rebel skin - to be truly free and live in the skin that you are in



Rebel skin is an urban fitness brand with designs that carefully mould your body and shape the skin that you are in. Are you looking for a brand that is not generic and has a chic appearance? Rebel skin is that and more. The designs have a life of their own and are made by Tattoo artists. Each product has a real unique feel and embodies Rebel’s liberal approach namely to live your life with no limits. The ethos behind the brand is feminine strength and follow your dreams.


The brand was created in 2017 by Natalia Rusinowska & Peter Wiktor. They commenced selling their Rebel skin product on Facebook and due to the high demand for their products they extended their production to larger manufacturers. Consumers are extremely content with the quality of the products which are manufactured in Poland.

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Rebel skin places the needs of the consumer at the heart of their business. Communication is central to the brands success. Rebel is an open, honest and transparent brand. Quality and innovation is why this brand is destine for success.


Rebel skin believes that anything is possible and in your reach. There are no limitations to what one can achieve.