Shattering the glass ceiling and treading on the cobbled streets to Savile Row

Andrew Ramroop OBE - Order of the British Empire OBE


Andrew Ramroop is a renowned tailor to individuals who adore the heritage and charm that come with being a revered tailor on Savile row, London. His clients stem from Royals; Hollywood darlings and sporting legends to name but a few. His celebrated history was marked with an Order of the British Empire (OBE).

Andrew Ramroop is internationally known for his exceptional skills as a bespoke tailor. Owner of Maurice Sedwell limited; awarded the Black British Business ‘Person of the Year’ and founder of the Savile Row Academy, 2007. Andrew is celebrating 50 years since first stepping onto the iconic road Savile Row.

Andrew Ramroop embarked on his tailoring journey at an impressionable age. He reminisces about his humble beginnings where he recalls he had '…no money for clothes and barely enough for food.' At the tender age of 16, he was making suits for customers in Trinidad. Having heard exciting news about Savile Row, he aspired to work at an establishment on this infamous road. Not knowing anyone or anything about where he was going, the naïve 17 year old bought a ticket and sailed 7,100 km from Trinidad to London, Savile Row in pursuit of his dream.

Whilst, working in the back room at Huntsman, Andrew aspired to work at the front of the shop. To achieve this, he embarked on another journey; a three-year degree at the London College of Fashion (LCF) where he gained a distinction.

Being one of just eight graduates from the London College of Fashion, Andrew was optimistic about his prospects of gaining employment; however, this did not transpire; instead he faced numerous setbacks. He commented that, ‘being Black, Caribbean,’ and having an ‘accent and curly hair did not fit the profile of front of shop staff.’ However, this did not stop Andrew. He persevered, until he encountered Mr Maurice Sedwell who offered him a four-week trial as an assistant cutter; this would be a turning point for Andrew.

At Maurice Sedwell limited, Andrew’s primary focus was to develop high standards; construct fine suits that were synonymous with style, elegance and comfort. In 1988, Andrew purchased the business from the retiring Maurice Sedwell. Andrew’s aim was to take the traditional Savile Row suit and continue to use unique designs to ensure that they remained iconic.

Tony Curtis in Insignificance wearing a bespoke Maurice Sedwell suit (002)

The business grew during the 80’s and 90’s due to Andrew’s meticulous skillset. High profile customers; Royalty, Ministers of Parliament, Cabinet Ministers, legendary Hollywood actors such as: Samuel L Jackson, Tony Curtis, Charles Gray and several other notable names were valued and regular customers. Andrew has also worked on several movies including: '1408', 'Notting Hill', 'Insignificance', and television advertisements such as: Volkswagen motors, British Midland Airline, Hoover and many more.

A picture of Andrew Ramroop wearing a suit

Andrew has won numerous awards, including the Mayor of London Trailblazer award, OBE and LDA’s Excellence award. Today he is regarded as one of the world’s finest tailors. Whilst, his journey was filled with promise and obstacles; he says,

‘I seldom look back with regret but I look forward instead. Everyone who turned me away did me a huge favour. Had they employed me; I probably would have been stuck working somewhere in a life of misery.’

Andrew’s letter to his younger self would state,

‘be your true self, do not feign affection but excel, create a legacy for others to aspire to achieve, share your knowledge.’ His mantra is ‘committed to delivering excellence.’

His ambition is to take the Savile Row Academy to an international platform; so that it continues to be recognised as a prestigious learning institute for bespoke tailoring and design whilst simultaneously developing the Maurice Sedwell brand; as a luxury brand everyone aspires to own.

Samuel.L.J. Wearing Maurice Sedwell in 1408

Alex Turner at the 2014 Brit Awards in a Maurice Sedwell Dinner suit made by Andrewr Ramroop in 1973_ (002)