What is there not to like about her Flight collection?



Ms Tammam is an ethical designer and the visionary for the House of Tammam. Her gradual rise in the fashion industry has been a story of heartache, redemption then realisation. It is through her lens that we learn that fashion is more than a commodity. She is interested in the craftmanship and the ethical process of designing and making bespoke garments where she has a clear understanding of the source of the fabric and the practice behind it. Garments are often worn for special occasions or for everyday activities; however it is important that they have longevity; are carefully crafted and can be repurposed; it is this message that Ms Tammam conveys.

Ms Tammam was born in Poole, Dorset and her ethical journey started at the age of 9 when she questioned the practice of eating meat; she soon developed a passion for veganism and became an eco-warrior advocating for change. Her activism lived on, as she commenced her degree at Central Saint Martins. Ms Tammam stated that her passion to incorporate ethical practice into her designs was initially frowned upon at Central Saint Martins where ‘recycled fashion’ was seen as an unprofitable business concept during that period.

Ms Tammam felt like an outsider and soon realised she would need to create a product and brand that was at the heart of her value system. Alongside her school friend Lucy Robinson they launched their company Tam & Rob; however, after sometime Ms Tammam moved on to continue her craft as a couturier and launched the House of Tammam.  

Ms Tammam’s business journey has been insightful and at times soul destroying. However, through resilience and positive thinking, she was able to navigate through the last year by creating products such as the eco cotton & silk scarves; moved part of her business online and continues to widen her business network. With the support of Government grants and the amazing team behind her label; she has managed to navigate through a particularly difficult year for her business.   

The House of Tammam’s fashion show ‘Flight’ was hosted at Samsung, London on: Thursday 16th September 2021 and demonstrated the innovative texture of the House of Tammam. The carefully tailored pieces captured the essence of Spring & Nature; as well as incorporating Professor Ed Hawkins climate stripes into some of the pieces where blue signified the cooler years and red the warmer years. The textured pieces had great fluidity and movement. Some of the pieces had elements of 1930s feminine silhouettes with a modern twist.

The bird dress was an intriguing and vibrant piece. The show was inspiring and there was so much to celebrate about the House of Tammam. A pearl of wisdom shared by Ms Tammam for emerging designers and entrepreneurs is that it is important to believe in yourself and never give up on your business concept; in addition to this, broaden your network and get into the right circle.  Kudos wishes the House of Tammam continued success.