Why Moon London jewellery is astronomical and out of this world

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Moon London jewellery celebrates elegance and individuality; delivering unique designs and bespoke jewellery. The jewellery is designed by Sangeeta Naidoo in her London Studio. She has been working hard to design beautiful, edgy, trendy jewellery that is sophisticated, attractive, practical, interesting and comfortable. At Moon London, Sangeeta designs what she feels then feels what she designs. It is this combination that keeps her creativity alive.

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As a qualified fine artist, she has always been fascinated by natural colours and textures. Completing further studies in fashion & accessory design; as well as spending many years soaking in the natural vibes ; she felt ready to design a timeless jewellery collection.

Sangeeta’s collection focuses on delivering pieces that allure with fascination both timeless & contemporary craftsmanship. Her jewellery is hand-finished, made with sterling silver and 22-carat gold Vermeil. All-Natural Gemstones are hand-picked then hand cut and polished according to the designs.

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The collection is inspired by both tropical & subtle colours of natural gemstones. It's just like nature, the sun shining bright in the day to make us feel alive & then the Moonlight to bring tranquillity. She truly believes, we should give back to the earth what we take, and she feels passionate about utilising natural and recycled materials from the earth.

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Sangeeta makes beautiful jewellery that looks great in pictures and on you, too! All of her jewellery Is designed for both quality and style, so you look fantastic and feel great. She loves jewelry that lives longer than our clothes. After all, if you’ve found a beautiful piece that you really love; you will surely want to wear it for years to come? She has developed a jewelry collection that is versatile. Moon London is the brand that will have individuals wanting more.

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Moon London gift box set

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