Deception, deceit and drama left my relationship in tatters

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Some Individuals struggle with physical intimacy and maintaining healthy relationships both platonic or romantic. Romantic relationships and intimacy are central to our mental health and wellbeing. Physical intimacy can play an important role, so forming sexual chemistry can be central to a relationship; however, it should be noted that celibate relationships have equal weighting. Moreover, leading busy lives can also have an impact on your marriage or relationship.

Leading a busy life can have an impact on your relationship

Being busy with your career, whether you're aiming for a promotion or running your own business, can place pressure on your relationship. There are many reasons why relationships can be adversely affected. For instance, if you are both working long hours, then your time together might be limited; as a result of this communication and your emotional connections might not be fully developed.

If a woman is earning more money than a man or if there is a power dynamic in the relationship, linked to finance between partners, this might lead to a partner feeling inadequate, and this might cause further conflict.

Another issue might be that you and your partner work in different industries, so it can be difficult to support or relate to each other. This might mean that individuals may seek solace and turn to friends; your partner might feel that your focus is not on them especially if you form close friendships with others; which can create insecurities for some partners.

For most of these issues, the solution is simple: communicate with your partner and show them that you love them and are committed to making the relationship work. It is important to make time for your relationship, so consider setting up a date or spending time with each other to ensure that you both understand what is going on and can improve your communication and connection.

Navigating family drama and romantic relationships

Some families can cause rifts between couples, as result of interfering or not taking feelings into account; this can lead to stress and hamper relationships. When considering your family's impact on your relationship; you need to look at more than just your current relationship with them.

You should look at the past and examples of relationships that you have observed. American research highlights that our early experience of familial relationships affects children's romantic partnerships. It is inevitable that if children see their parents fighting, they internalise this information, and it affects how they perceive future relationships.

It is essential that our familial relationships are evaluated and reflected upon, so that you are able to improve your relationship and your children’s’ future partnerships.

Moving on from a toxic or broken relationship

Whether your relationship breaks down because of affairs, trauma or an array of other factors, you can learn from the experience and move on. If you can, you should try to fix your relationship but if it is irreparable, you need to accept this and start afresh. Ultimately, everyone faces relationship issues and breakdowns.

Embrace your time of being single and spend time learning about yourself and having fun.

Once you have spent time working on yourself and your career. In time you will form a new relationship with a new partner. By learning from the mistakes of past relationships, you will be able to start a healthy relationship.