Losing it all...then starting over again...Leila Muru shows us how...



Leila’s started her journey of self-discovery at a tender age; not really knowing the direction she would take. Around 9 years ago, she decided to turn her hand to hospitality, as it seemed the most accessible choice for her. She enjoyed working in this sector; however, after working long hours and having limited opportunities to progress; she felt devalued and after some time she decided to take a new direction.


Desperately, trying to re-shape her life, Leila decided to work towards going to university to study engineering. However, this was short lived and soon after her studies; she moved into the more desirable field of network marketing.

Whilst in this field she developed an insatiable desire, to read books such as: ‘Rich dad, poor dad’ by Robert Kiyosaki and further books published by Tony Robbins, Richard Branson and Eric Edmeades. She soon became inspired and felt the world was her oyster.


Leila had an amazing passive income and was living her best life. She was travelling the world and living her dream. She travelled to Austria, Egypt and Thailand to name but a few countries and she felt on top of the world; however, everything she had worked for came toppling down, as she soon realised that the company she had invested in had amassed huge debts. As a result of this, Leila was forced to restart her journey and she returned to her humble beginnings namely hospitality.

Through difficult times; she turned to alcohol, to numb her feelings. She became depressed and her situation became progressively worse.

After some time, Leila flew to Australia and this marked the turning point in her life. She grew as an individual and appreciated the simpler things in life. She started attending personal development seminars. One seminar that shaped her life was the Tony Robbins ‘Unleash the power within’ seminar; which enabled her to tackle the deep seated feelings that affected her ability to realise her potential.


During this seminar, Leila walked on hot coals and this provided her with much needed confidence to redesign her life. After walking on hot coals; it gave her much needed courage to do bigger things with her life.

It was after this event that she turned to veganism and a healthier outlook on life.

Leila lives a healthier and happier life; she runs a successful Instagram account based on plant-based food. She has invested in profitable assets; trades forex and indulges in food photography and graphic design. She has moved towards a more fulfilling life and understands the importance of embracing a more authentic life.