Why finding Mr or Mrs Right could be so wrong

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A staggering, 107,599 couples applied for divorce in 2019; it is the largest annual rise in divorce for almost 50 years in England and Wales. (Office for National Statistics (ONS), 2019). It has been suggested that the intense living conditions caused by the pandemic has escalated divorce rates. It has also been suggested that couples have found it difficult to demarcate work life and intimacy; as well as realizing that their partner has irritating habits that are simply unrelenting.

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Domestic abuse cases rose by 9% in 2019. (ONS, 2019). It has been reported that there has been a rise in abuse in 2020, partly caused by the Covid-19 restrictions placed on vulnerable individuals who had limited access to charities and organizations that would regularly be on the ground to support them. Some might argue that being single has been a blessing in disguise; as they have managed to nurture themselves and grow with purpose.

Julie provides some much-needed tips on how you can look after you; in light of the pandemic.

Develop a healthy glow

During these uncertain times it is indeed the perfect time to engage yourself in physical activities and a balanced healthy diet. You can start by taking 10,000 steps daily in a park or taking part in yoga sessions or HIIT videos on YouTube. Since, you are less likely to be rushing to work or having fast-food lunches or pub meals after work, so it will be easier to think about the types of foods that will nourish you. Have a look at Planet Organic ‘s website for healthy food options. It is time to glow by having a simple self care routine. Try pampering yourself by taking a regular hot bath, body scrub, facials, exploring vitamins and even frequently applying cuticle moisturizer. Remember these steps are for yourself, not for anyone else. A healthy body and glowing skin will instantly boost your confidence.

Develop new hobbies such as reading new books; equip yourself with new knowledge to be a better version of yourself. These new things in life fire up your energy , feed your mind and give you a richer lifestyle.

Build a more valuable and deeper connection

As you know, meeting your crush in a party is unlikely at the moment due to the current restrictions. However, you can spend time developing deeper relationships

with your mother, colleague, friend or relative. There are so many ways you can connect, be it through a telephone call; via Zoom or by writing a letter. You can create new ways to socialise and invest in your relationships; it will be worthwhile long term.