Feuding families, can they ever be resolved?

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As Britain severs its ties with Europe and finalises its arrangements to Brexit; we are reminded about la querelle or the feud between our European partners; it is evident that these differences are historical, deep seated and stem from decades of heated disagreements. The disdain that some have for the European union is very much in line with a long-drawn-out family feud that simply needs some resolve unsure whether Brexit is the right approach; only history will reveal the true extent of this new arrangement.

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In addition, to this, the strained relationship between Meghan and Kate caused ructions in the royal family. Meghan an American, mixed parentage, divorcee marrying Harry an eligible bachelor was never the ideal fit for some. Moreover, Kate’s perfect profile enabled her to gain leverage over Meghan and become the populist out of the two. However, why were both women unable to resolve their differences, it is evident that their spat was unfortunately entrenched in the strained relationship between Harry and William. Their sibling rivalry was only fully realised when William took the pathway to becoming the heir to the throne. It was at this point that Harry’s and William’s relationship changed.

As we look forward to the New year for some, they are reminded of issues from the past. Some individuals may struggle with the overwhelming feelings from the past that simply scourge their thoughts. It can be particularly difficult, especially if individuals are estranged from their families and friends.

Advertisements mark a celebratory time for some and captures the intimate moments when families come together. The Sainsbury's ad and other retail shops captures the jovial, traditional and celebratory aspects of family life; however, these adverts might be a reminder to some individuals of their current plight.

Whilst the idea of the perfect family dinner and exchange of gifts is what some aspire to have; the lead up to family events can be stressful; as individuals are reminded of the unsettling feelings that simmer under the surface; as well as the unspoken words and silence.

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There are many reasons why feuds evolve, they stem from: bereavements; inheritance; personality clashes or simple misunderstandings. What is a feud? A feud can be defined as: ‘a prolonged and bitter quarrel or dispute.’ Whilst, I mentioned some of the reasons behind family feuds there are a plethora of reasons why some family members simply do not get on.

At the heart of feuds, is the relationships we develop with our relatives. If an authentic and honest relationship is not developed in the formative years, relationships often become strained between relatives and siblings. It can result in individuals bickering then this may lead to more prolonged arguments. We have the power to not put energy into negative relationships and choose to live a life with purpose. Through choosing to live a more fulfilling life, you may find that you become less consumed by the negative experiences.

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