Finding Inner Strength

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Finding Inner strength or overcoming disappointment can be challenging especially during this period. It is difficult to manage emotions such as anger, stress, devastation or for some it might be coping with the outside world. Whatever the feeling, there's one thing everyone must remember during this pandemic that is equally important is finding Inner strength.

Inner strength is found when you develop a healthy mindset. So where do we start? Well, the first step is having self-confidence and telling your wise self that you will overcome the obstacles thrown at you; COVID or not. After step one, it's all down to what you consider to be self-care. From creating a new routine, planning for change; exploring suitable careers, creating a new health plan, or something heartfelt like reaching out to those you miss or lost contact with. Relationships in these times are important to rebuild and maintain, as we all know we are all in this together and mental health for everyone must be dealt with as a team, even if it is from a distance.

"You don't have to struggle in silence. You can be unsilent. You can live well with a mental health condition, as long as you open up to someone about it. - Demi Lovato

Jayda personally found inner strength when she developed new hobbies and revisited old ones such as drawing, exercising and interacting in fun games and activities via zoom with her youth group; it created a form of escape and comfort for her. She also explored a new way of embracing new things that made her happy and developed strategies to manage her long term mental health issues which she has been dealing with for most of her teenage and adult life. Another lesson that Jayda learnt about inner strength is that she has control and to take time to appreciate all aspects of her life and to avoid being sucked into the news and social media.

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No, you are not in denial of reality if you choose, to not look at your phone daily and open up any social media tabs or articles that may give you discomfort. You don't have to open every single message that isn't considered important or helpful in your current situation. Inner strength also consists of taking back your life and throwing out the negatives like drama and stress and taking in the complete opposite that is positive. It is not a punishment to yourself, it's about freeing burdens.

"In a world you can be anything, be kind." Caroline Flack

It is inevitable that we will be socialising in different social groups through work; jobs and education even if it is virtually; however, keeping friends and families close and developing meaningful connections is what counts. You may encounter somethings that challenges you and affects the way you feel. This feeling may affect you for some time and you might struggle to let go of the past; as a result of this you might distance yourself from others and be reluctant to take up new opportunities or talk about how you are feeling. This is a cycle that some individuals go through until they can find an equilibrium , a balance between managing reality and mindset in the healthiest way possible.

You can write your own story. The pandemic will not be here forever, your problems are only temporary and you will get through them; as long as you believe. Be the best you; help others realise that you started from the bottom and they can also achieve. Regardless of the circumstance, bring out the bright side of your personality; bring out your Inner strength.

"Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans." - John Lennon

If you require further support or advice then please contact the following organisations:  Mental health, Samaritans, Betterhelp, Mental health & Young minds.