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Letter from the editor

From managing breakups to dealing with narcissists. Kudos is not afraid to tackle difficult topics. Let's face it, life isn't all rainbows and butterflies – sometimes it's more like a dumpster fire.

Speaking of existential dread, let's talk about why women continue to feel pressured to strive for the ideal body image. Could it be society's unrealistic beauty standards?

Kudos has compiled the top five products that promise to manage everything from dehydration to hyperpigmentation and blemishes. Because nothing says self-love like slathering your face in expensive creams and serums, am I right?

Zendaya, somehow manages to be sassy, edgy, intelligent, and much more. Frankly, it's exhausting just thinking about it. Kudos is here to uncover the secrets to her success. It possibly involves talent, hard work, and possibly a deal with the devil.

And then there's the Sugar Babes resurgence, because apparently, the early 2000s are back in style. Kudos unveils the lessons learnt and the continued success of this iconic girl group, because nothing says nostalgia like revisiting the music of your awkward teenage years.

Maya Jama and Stormzy's reignited relationship has captured the attention of the public, proving once again that love is fickle and unpredictable. Join us as we dissect their love story and try to make sense of it all.

Taylor Swift, the queen of endless awards and hits. Is there anything Swift cannot do? Well, according to her critics, apparently not. We will delve into the mysteries of Swift's success.

We pay homage to the fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld, because nothing says "I have more money than sense" like spending thousands of dollars on a handbag with his name on it.

From beauty reveals to relationship advice, we've got everything you need to navigate the absurdity of modern life with style, grace, and just a hint of sarcasm.