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Kudos has evolved into an authoritative voice that offers readers the opportunity to engage with authentic, reflective & engaging narratives. It has been an inspiring year for Kudos and we continue to demonstrate the importance of resilience and placing optimism at the centre of all we do.

We are reminded of the tumultuous political climate, as Liz Truss takes on the mantel as Conservative leader and Prime minister of the United Kingdom. The recent ousting of Kwasi Kwarteng ex Chancellor of the exchequer is a reminder of the uncertainty that breeds in politics.

The unprecedented war between Russia and the Ukraine has seen many individuals displaced. The fuel crisis in the United Kingdom and across the globe has seen the increase in energy bills. Furthermore, the unpredictable weather has seen drought impacting on water levels and fires caused by the increased temperatures. The growing disparity between social groups has seen a greater divide; the Black Lives Matter agenda remains central to social change; as well as the bid for travelling into space. The race is definitely on.

Articles in Kudos for the coming months will focus on the importance of finding your voice; striving for success; as well as the importance of surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals and living your life with purpose.

Our articles include: Lucy Tammam’s journey as activist and authentic couture designer; Natalia Rusinowska shares her inspiration behind the brand Rebel skin; Graham Gayle provides fashion insight; Donejaye Cameron explores the rise and fall of Kwasi Kwarteng, ex Chancellor of the exchequer; as well as the rise of gaslighting and there is so much more.

Our mantra is to: Inspire and live your life with purpose.

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