About Us

Kudos Magazine

Who we are

Kudos is an exciting, vivacious brand new online magazine filled with vibrant news about fashion, beauty, mindfulness, the arts and much more; it is aimed at men & women aged 25+. Our second edition went live on: Friday 1st January 2021. 

We honour and celebrate the achievements of others. We value the importance of acknowledging the journey that individuals undertake and how they overcome obstacles to achieve and succeed.

The CEO of Kudos is keen to establish a forum that provides an authentic voice for our audience. The global pandemic in February 2020, simply exacerbated doom and gloom. There were so many communities and individuals that were left destitute, alienated and in need of change. It was important for the CEO that a forum was created that shared hope and images that promoted a new way of re-evaluating our lives. It was in the darkest moments that Kudos online was born – an optimistic and authentic voice for people living in these surreal and confusing times.

The Kudos team

The Kudos team comprises of a number of writers, photographers, filmmakers and other creatives who have joined our endeavour to create new and innovative content. 

In our second edition, we feature: Maya Jama and the truth behind her smile; Jennifer Medhurst - The Imperfect Nutritionist; Omar Bayoumi's sustainable fashion; 5 simple ways to reduce financial anxiety; Finding Mr or Mrs Right; feuding families; beauty secrets; the latest fashion trends and much more. Our mantra is to: live, limitless and love.