Fierce, fabulous and out of the box fashion

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London Fashion week provided colour, innovation and revolutionise the way we wear fashion. The catwalks were fierce and unapologetic. Elements of the 90s will make its comeback, as Grunge chic arrives with flashes of 80s colour.

More individuals are adopting a hybrid approach when working, so lounge and casual wear is very much at the forefront. Clothing has become more functional, pragmatic and comfortable. Grunge chic has political undertones as it signifies a rebellious element to fashion.

A Black man wearing an orange jacket and lying in sand prince

Fashion and the political landscape remain intertwined; as we are reminded about the ‘Black Lives Matters’; ‘Me too’ and ‘Climate change’ movement which has shaped the way we view clothing. These campaigns have allowed us to take an introspective look at society and its systems which can create inequalities and the pollutants that can affect our environment.

Shoes, trainers and boots will have sleek wedges and platforms. Platform shoes will provide a more elegant look, as one’s height is elongated further.

Layering will make a come back with a twist of 90s grunge but more chic. Handmade dresses and tunics will be worn with pants. Sparkles are everywhere with a return to neo disco chic. There will be a return to hipster trousers and skirts; as well as dropping things low. The mini and macro mini was showcased in Versace’s show. Also expect to see lots of sheer opaque and see-through chiffon and georgette fabrics. Cut outs are very prominent this season which is very 90s. Crotchet and knits being mixed with unconventional fabrics and lots of hanging fringes have been apparent in such shows as Burberry, and Stella McCartney which look fabulous.

A pair of Converse black and white

Finally, the colour palettes will be black, white, cream, greys, sparkles, illuminating yellow, fuchsia, taupe’s, as well as the emergence of reds, and deep burgundy are making a real come back. Clothing will feel functional; however, the texture and origin of materials will provide a move towards clothing being more sustainable and refashioning looks and existing materials. Clothing will continue to make a statement and will have a more resilient feel.

Trainers and fashion

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