Looking after me

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It is such a relief to say au revoir to 2020. It will be a difficult undertaken to make New year resolutions at the beginning of 2021; as last year was challenging and so unpredictable for most; we could not have anticipated the events that took place. These unprecedented events have left us wondering, how can we truly embrace the New Year. The pandemic forced us to question our true intentions or the right direction to take. What do I want to achieve? Why do I feel so lonely and at a crossroads ? Why is my life at a standstill? Will I achieve my goals? So many unanswered questions.

Whilst, the New year offers hope and new beginnings; many individuals will continue to spend more time on social media such as: Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter and Facebook.

As we are bombarded with images and the latest Tik Tok dance, we are reminded that these images and videos do not depict real life and are merely a distraction from our reality that we engage with on a daily basis. Some of us have become Instagram junkies and we seek the most popular celebrity or the most engaging dance craze on Tik Tik. In addition, to this we have an insatiable desire to purchase from Amazon and the anticipation of the parcel arriving is very much built into our day. Is this what life is all about?

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Mark Manson's book titled "the subtle art of not giving f***", has made me realise that life is not perfect and finding your voice or true purpose is a journey in itself. What do I need to change? Do I need to adapt my behaviours? Which character traits are simply in need of a cleanse? How can I change my spending habits? So many questions…

Truly understanding who you are; will enable you to plan real resolutions that will enable you to develop a more sustainable pace. You can look after yourself by reading; exercising; eating well; taking vitamins; choosing friends wisely and setting clear boundaries.

Last year was challenging and looking after you is a priority. Self love is being gentle to you and not measuring yourself against anyone or anything. It is about being okay with yourself and checking in on friends and family.

Your journey is more important than the destination. I want to let you into a secret; my life is not perfect far from it. Life is like a cake; if you eat the whole thing at once you’ll probably become unwell, so enjoy each slice in your own time.

There are also organizations that you can seek further support and guidance from such as: Mental health, Samaritans, Betterhelp, Mental health & Young minds.