Feuding families, can there ever be resolve

As Britain severs its ties with Europe and finalises its arrangements to Brexit; we are reminded about la querelle or the feud between our European partners; it is evident that these differences are historical, deep seated and stem from decades of heated disagreements.

By Donejaye Cameron

Jennifer Medhurst - The Imperfect Nutritionist

Jennifer Medhurst, known as the imperfect nutritionist, has amassed a following of over 100,000 followers on Tik Tok; as a result of her accessible and fun healthy recipes. Initially feeling alienated by a health industry that felt like perfection was the only way to be healthy; Jennifer set about creating a more accessible way to help support and improve diets.

By Jennifer Medhurst

Finding Inner Strength

Finding Inner strength or overcoming disappointment can be challenging especially during this period. It is difficult to manage emotions such as anger, stress, devastation or for some it might be coping with the outside world.

By Jayda Nathan