Why my mental health was at breaking point

Male suicide rates remain high in England and Wales. The Office of National Statistics (ONS) data reported 16.9% deaths per 100,000 were recorded. These bleak figures highlight the growing concern around the mental health of young men. Our minds can often be filled with negative thoughts and feelings that can quickly become a part of our reality.

By Donejaye Cameron

Looking after me

It is such a relief to say au revoir to 2020. It will be a difficult undertaken to make New year resolutions at the beginning of 2021; as last year was challenging and so unpredictable for most; we could not have anticipated the events that took place.

By Princess Oyebanjo

Why finding Mr or Mrs Right could be so wrong

A staggering, 107,599 couples applied for divorce in 2019; it is the largest annual rise in divorce for almost 50 years in England and Wales. (ONS, 2019). It has been suggested that the intense living conditions caused by the pandemic has escalated divorce rates.

By Julie Nguyen

How to become the CEO of your life

Like any well managed organisation, your life needs a leader on board to navigate its flow and direction. No one knows you like you do and if you've been outsourcing this responsibility to other people, it's time to consider promoting yourself to the Chief Executive of your life.

By Chiedu Hing

How to build your reputation at work

Does the idea of self-promotion at work make you cringe? Do you depend on performance reviews to showcase your achievements? Or perhaps rely on your boss to get noticed for new and interesting opportunities? If you’ve answered 'yes' to any of these questions, you could be holding yourself back from getting recognised and building your credibility at work.

By Cheidu Hing

I have seen the future and it is in coffee

Well not exactly, but just roll with me on this one for a minute. I'm not a coffee devotee by any stretch of the imagination (although, I have been partial to imbibe on a Starbucks cafe latte every now and again) and I'm afraid to say I don't possess any insider Intel into the coffee industry. So, then (I hear you ask), what do you mean when you say, 'the future is in coffee'.

By Peter Mckenzie