How to become the CEO of your life

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Like any well managed organisation, your life needs a leader on board to navigate its flow and direction. No one knows you like you do and if you’ve been outsourcing this responsibility to other people, it’s time to consider promoting yourself to the Chief Executive of your life.

Whilst the title might sound fancy, it does not guarantee success. There are good CEOs and downright lousy ones who bring down their organisations because of poor behaviours and leadership skills. The real measure is dependent on your desire, commitment, responsibility and accountability for everything you do. Here are 5 steps to activating your inner CEO, helping you to become the visionary behind your life and start calling the shots. Repeat the mantras provided below daily, to help you develop a positive growth mindset:

Take 100% responsibility for your life

In order to build momentum in anything that you do, you must take complete ownership of your life, including your past and current circumstances. Every moment offers you a choice of what action you will take. You are in complete control of what you think, how you feel, how you act, treat yourself and others. You are responsible for your own happiness and those tasks waiting to be ticked off on your to do list.

CEOs cannot afford to procrastinate; their time is their most valuable resource, and they have important decisions to make. If something is not working in a particular area of your life in a way that you want it to, it’s down to you to change it, you’re the boss, right? Consider what needs to be done in order to make progress and follow through on your commitments.

"I take 100% responsibility for my career, health, relationships, education and all other parts of my life. - Mindset Mantra"

Manage your relationships effectively

We all need good relationships to succeed in life. Consider who the key people are in your inner circle. Relationships are a balancing act of give and take. They must be nurtured. Don’t assume others will be there for you at your time of need if you don’t show genuine care and interest in them from time to time. Be interested in other people and they will be interested in you.

"I value my relationships and treat people the way I want to be treated - Mindset Mantra"

Champion yourself for success

A key way of growing a better relationship with yourself is through self kindness, self appreciation and self compassion, especially during times when you might feel like you’ve let yourself down; don’t feel good enough; smart enough; pretty enough - the list is endless.

What language do you use on yourself? If it's negative the chances are that you would not use these harsh words on other people, so why use it on yourself? If you are habitually overly critical towards yourself, you can change it through reframing your language to more positive thoughts and words of appreciation for yourself until it becomes automatic. And with your new positive self-talk, you’ll develop a more meaningful inner voice that will have your back and be more sympathetic when things are not going your way.

"I choose to be kinder to myself. I AM good enough. - Mindset Mantra"

Strengthen and renew your mind, body and soul

Taking care of your mental, physical and emotional health is crucial for leading a successful life. In our current climate, health has never been more important. With all the added pressures we are faced with, it's vital we look after ourselves in a way that will help to reduce the stress in our bodies and relax our nerves. A build-up of too much stress blocks our ability to think clearly, make smart decisions and to be fully present in what we are doing.

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"A body free from nervous tension and fatigue is the ideal shelter provided by nature for housing a well-balanced mind, fully capable of successfully meeting all the complex problems of modern living." - Joseph Pilates

"Healthy living is the foundation of my success. - Mindset Mantra"

Be adaptable to change

Things are constantly changing and the ability to pivot to new circumstances will increase your resilience to stress, setting you up to be able to handle the unexpected. We all have different tolerance levels of adaptability and like a muscle it is something that can be strengthened over time.

"Being adaptable is necessary for my resilience. - Mindset Mantra"

What can be more rewarding than taking full ownership of your life and witnessing it flourish to new heights? Congratulations on your promotion!